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Founded in 1975 as a specialty mechanical services contractor, Capron Company soon found a strong demand for its expertise in the design and installation of automatic temperature control (ATC) systems. With a broad background in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, we quickly became the "go to" experts whenever the application moved beyond the ordinary. As the demands for better performance increased, Capron Company moved to the emerging electronic controls technology. By the early 1980's, CCI was the leading independent DDC controls contractor in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Today, CCI has installed over 5,000 DDC building and facility control systems around the world. Our portfolio includes many class AAA office buildings, laboratories, manufacturing plants, schools, universities, and high technology facilities. For over 30 years, CCI has provided expert control system design, installation and service for clients such as AOL, Boeing, British Airways, Comsat, Dupont, General Dynamics, Merck, NIH, Time-Life, Unisys, and United Airlines.

Capron Company has broad experience in industrial, commercial, institutional, governmental, laboratory, office, school, and higher education facilities.

Capron Company, Inc. also provides extensive HVAC maintenance and emergency service capability. Our factory trained service technicians are on duty 24 x 7. Service contracts are available.

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